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5 Things Blogger Should Look for in a Laptop

Every blogger can not live without a laptop and internet. Blogger needs a laptop that is functional considering their line of work, because it is their asset and database of everything he is working on, so the choice becomes more specific. As there are a wide variety of laptop, choosing one which is right for […]

Secure Your WordPress Blog

5 Simple Tricks to Secure Your WordPress Blog

In my blogging experience I have seem many newbies asking questions about securing their wordpress blog from hacks and attacks. So I am going to explain 5 simple tricks to secure your wordpress setup. Just make sure that you implement these suggestions to be safe all time. Limit Backend Logins The biggest attacks are made […]

Common Blogging Mistakes

Are You Making These Five Common Blogging Mistakes?

To blog or not to blog; that is the question. That is the eternal Shakespearean dilemma every blogger confronts in every task. The question is, why do you want to blog? Is it your passion or fashion? You need to have the clarity, because it’s the key to your blogging success. Choice is yours. Now […]

Blog Commenting

12 Crucial Blog Commenting Tips

Whilst blog commenting still plays a well-know role in generating traffic for blogs, but you may not know how to achieve the highest or should I say maximum capabilities of the results from one single comment. Most people say commenting on other blogs to get traffic is a waste of time, it surely won’t give […]

Internet Marketing

Developing a Home Business Enterprise for Beginning Internet Marketers

It is becoming apparent to many people that home businesses can be a great source of income. The problem is that many people don’t know where to begin. To be successful, you need to learn everything that you can about home business. This article will help you get going. Be sure to set some money […]

Blog for Your Business

The Reasons You Should Launch a Blog for Your Business

Can a business still use a blog in a meaningful way, or have the new social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, superseded this tool? Several years ago, many companies abandoned their static, flat websites that lectured customers with facts that could have been straight out of their Annual Reports, and began including blogs. […]

Untapped Sources For Dynamite Content Ideas

Three Untapped Sources For Dynamite Content Ideas

You, as a writer, ever daydreaming-ly stared at a blank wall for about a minute before getting your consciousness back? I have, not a lot though. Running out of ideas is almost impossible for me. But if you are one those who experiences the writer’s block from time to time, now is the right moment […]


The Secret To Transforming Readers Into Loyal Commentators

If you own a blog and you have ever received a comment, then you and I both know, it’s not a common thing that you see the same commentator come back again. It’s always a new person. In most cases, people comment and leave and barely ever come back, only a whopping twenty percent of the people […]

The Simple Link Building Strategy That Works Ninja

As you probably know, I haven’t been posting on that classic Blog Lectures “once every 3 days” schedule, I realized quality is really important over quantity. Recently, I have been doing a side project, a bit of link building through article marketing for a mini niche site I have been working on. Now, I’ll be […]

Why Should We Blog About Blogging Before We Actually Make Money Blogging?

To be honest, I have regretted making this decision of choosing the blogging industry as my first blogging niche, if I could start over again, it would probably be something more of my interests like personal development or psychology. Seriously, there are way too many blogs about blogging than actually something worth reading, now I’m […]

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